Cheer Up, Girl!

Seems like she is not a lucky girl when it comes to love
The boy she liked, had a crush with her very close friend
Her first love, her first relationshit, deceived her in the end
The man she love recently, had somebody besides him
The only man who (others said) won't ever hurt his little girl, deeply made scars which she doesn't even know how to deal with it
Like a rollercoaster, like a jigsaw
Her feeling just goes up high then bumps down hard

She has a faith, she doubts after, she starts being sceptic, she completely becomes cold, someone come, she tries to open her heart one more time, she has a faith, and repeat again and again

She's being crazy, she's mad at herself, she is tired

Till she comes to a conclusion: she has something better, something bigger, something important than her love story
She may be unlucky with her love, but she will try her best to make her life more meaningful

Cheer up girl
You live not only for love
Go get your dreams
Someday, you'll rock the world!


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