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Scene (...) "Oh My Lazy"

In the middle of interview,

A : "What is your hobby?"
B : "As written in my personal data, my hobby is reading."
A : "So, you like reading the most?"
B : (think hard)
A : (waiting impatienly)
B : (mumbling) "I think I should change my hobby written on my personal data."
A : "Sorry?"
B : "I mean, I should change it to something else."
A : "Okay. What is that?"
B : "I like sleeping much than reading, recently."
A : (can't talk)
B : (smiling bright)
A : "O-okay. Why?"
B : "Hobby is something that could make you refresh, right? So, I choose sleeping is my recently hobby. It more relaxing than reading." (laughing)
A : "Tell it in simple way."
B : "Sorry?"
A : "You're a lazy woman. Oh my lazy"

It's not as same as my thought then, but it similar haha. I thought this random crazy thing when I rode my motorcycle to somewhere :p
Enjoy :3